Who We Are

A team of highly-trained sales content experts

What We Do

We write and design highly effective sales tools and collateral so your salespeople can focus on closing deals instead of spending their time creating and curating content to share with prospects.

How We Do It

We work directly with your top-performing sales reps to identify and create the content that your customers need to:

  • answer their questions,
  • overcome their objections, and
  • convince their leadership to buy from you and no one else!


Most B2B companies are deeply engaged in content marketing these days, and they are generally doing a good job of creating content that builds brand awareness and generates leads.


Many companies today use some version of the traditional sales funnel as their workflow model. Marketing works at the top generating qualified leads. Sales works at the bottom converting prospects into customers.


The sales funnel also helps guide the allocation of time and talent towards content generation and customer conversion.



With the right resources assigned to the right places in the sales funnel, the company expects sustained and repeatable revenue.

Sales and Marketing typically don't have high visibility into each other's processes, insights, or outcomes. An extremely pervasive disconnect almost always finds its way between Marketing and Sales, costing the company time, customers, and revenue.


90% of content generated by marketing departments never gets used in selling situations.* With poor alignment, even the best marketing departments are unable to supply properly targeted and highly effective selling content. Marketing collateral tends to service the upper half of the sales funnel, leaving Sales without targeted, relevant, customizable content to share with prospects.


On average, sales reps spend up to one third of their time, more than 13 hours per week per salesperson, generating or curating content.** Sales teams struggle to generate the type of content they need while continuing to meet or exceed sales goals. That's time NOT spent on the phone, building relationships with prospects, and closing deals! That's a costly misuse of salespeople's time.



As a result, companies with poor workflow and resource alignment between Sales and Marketing teams suffer a 4% decline in revenue.*** If you aren't developing content specifically for sales enablement and closes the gap between Marketing and Sales, you're losing money. Period.

Sales enablement is the careful alignment of Marketing and Sales and is the cornerstone of B2B Sales Content.


One way to align Marketing and Sales is to ensure that there is content available for every stage of the sales funnel to empower salespeople to convert leads to prospects and prospects to customers.


Another way to align Marketing and Sales is to cross-pollinate, with representatives from both departments periodically meeting, sharing strategies, providing real-world updates, etc.



Companies with strong Sales and Marketing alignment average a 20% annual growth rate.***

Mix-and-Match Slides for Presentation and Sharing


We develop sets of slide-style modular content units that sales reps can choose from as needed to easily customize documents and presentations to share with prospects in person or across digital channels.

Order as many or as few slides as you need to clearly and compellingly

  • differentiate your brand and products from competitors,
  • address common barriers and objections,
  • present relevant testimonials and case studies, and
  • give prospects the ammunition they need to get executive buy-in and close the deal.

If you're a B2B company, chances are you recognize a need for better alignment between your marketing and sales functions, and your sales team is hungry for more powerful and adaptable content to share with prospects deeper in the funnel. That's what we do, and we do it really well.

Founded by Leslie A. Hancock, an experienced and trusted content marketing and sales enablement consultant, B2B Sales Content is a collective of senior-level professionals with a proven track record in B2B content development and design.

We'll meet with your marketing and sales leaders to align your messaging and goals across business functions and develop powerful selling content that saves your sales reps time and helps them close more deals, more quickly.

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