Sales and Marketing typically don't have high visibility into each other's processes, insights, or outcomes. An extremely pervasive disconnect almost always finds its way between Marketing and Sales, costing the company time, customers, and revenue.


90% of content generated by marketing departments never gets used in selling situations.* With poor alignment, even the best marketing departments are unable to supply properly targeted and highly effective selling content. Marketing collateral tends to service the upper half of the sales funnel, leaving Sales without targeted, relevant, customizable content to share with prospects.


On average, sales reps spend up to one third of their time, more than 13 hours per week per salesperson, generating or curating content.** Sales teams struggle to generate the type of content they need while continuing to meet or exceed sales goals. That's time NOT spent on the phone, building relationships with prospects, and closing deals! That's a costly misuse of salespeople's time.



As a result, companies with poor workflow and resource alignment between Sales and Marketing teams suffer a 4% decline in revenue.*** If you aren't developing content specifically for sales enablement and closes the gap between Marketing and Sales, you're losing money. Period.